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Thread: Xbox 360 Codec for Windows Vista

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    Xbox 360 Codec for Windows Vista

    I have some multiple video songs in many different formats. The problem is that Xbox 360 is not reading some formats. I know it is due to codec issue. There is only some prescribed formats which Xbox can read. But I want to see those videos in HD format. So I want the codecs for the same. I have Windows Vista PC. Thanks anyways.

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    Re: Xbox 360 Codec for Windows Vista

    You are right about that. It will not play a XviD or DivX video because of the codec issue. If you can addup the codec then I hope that this can work. I normally transcode everything from DivX to WMV. And then everything works fine. As Xbox is designed to give you a HD output so you need not to worry about the output quality.

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    Re: Xbox 360 Codec for Windows Vista

    If you want that your Xbox should play all your file format and disc then you will have to add a mod chip in your Xbox. This will vide the warranty of the gaming console but enable Xbox to play even pirated disc. It is not recommended to do because this can reduce the reliability of the console. Second thing try to play the same by Windows Media Player 11. Because it reads those formats. Try to sync it with WMP11.

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    Re: Xbox 360 Codec for Windows Vista

    There are several codec updates available on internet for the Xbox 360. Just download the latest one and update. You will not need to convert neither to add a modchip. This will be the best option for you. Multiple sites offers a free codec download. This codec are related to the latest video and audio output. Try to download Haali Media Splitter tool also. It comes with all latest audio codec.

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