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Thread: Cannot Save Sexy Beach 3 Game

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    Cannot Save Sexy Beach 3 Game

    Hello , i Have downloaded the Sexy Beach 3 Game , I must admitted it is a really Sexy Game , the problem is that I cannot Seem to Save Game properly , whenever i would save the Game it say the game has been saved , but when i load it do not load it and i have to start it from the new game , so can you tell me how to solve these problem , thanks in advance

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    Re: Cannot Save Sexy Beach 3 Game

    It is Better to have the Saved Games of Sexy Beach 3
    • Unrar All File.
    • Copy "save" in : C:\Program Files\illusion\Sexy3\data (English defaut)
    • Play

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    Re: Cannot Save Sexy Beach 3 Game

    Hello , this problem is been described in the FaQ , to solve these problem
    Create a "save" folder and place it in the games data folder. . (Example: "C:\Program files\ILLUSION\Sexy Beach 3\Data\Save\"). In some games the installer came incomplete for some rare reason. Anyway just do this and you are ready to go.
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    Re: Cannot Save Sexy Beach 3 Game

    what all about this game?

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