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Thread: FF9 Cutscene Stuck after Treno

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    FF9 Cutscene Stuck after Treno

    Hello, I Have Been playing this FF9 Game on the Psx emulator for a Quite Sometimes , the problem is that I keep facing this Error in the same place here the error Message is Setloc out of range : 00:01:74 ,The sounds keep playing in the Background but the the screen stays black. , please tell me how to solve these problem Thanks in advance

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    Re: FF9 Cutscene Stuck after Treno

    i would Like to Ask you a Question Are you Trying to load the Game from your most recent memory card save if not then try that and get back to the point you are getting stuck .and also just as a precaution, do not create or load any save states while making your way back to this part, use memory card saving/loading only.

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    Re: FF9 Cutscene Stuck after Treno

    You might want to try The -r switch , as this Swith can sometimes help getting through things like this. actually this Switch Help Fast forwarding right before the freeze , so you might Pass it and also On a non-compatility note, how are you playing the game i mean from the disk image, or directly from the disc ,
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    Re: FF9 Cutscene Stuck after Treno

    Try the sapu cdr 1.3 plugin The following are the main changes since the version v1.00
    • SUBCHANNEL reading have been Added
    • CDDA reading have been Added
    • caching performance async have been improved
    • ePSXe compatibility has also been improved
    • the selection of spin down time setting (from config window) have been added

    Note: not all than cdrom drives can support this option, but it does not hurt to try ...

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