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Thread: ghost recon 2 classes

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    ghost recon 2 classes

    Apart from the previous verison of ghost recon I have heard that there are new classes included in Ghost Recon 2 part of the game? Is this true or a rumor cause it would be fun if there are new classes involved? Can anyone confirm the new ghost recon 2 classes included in the game? Thank you
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    Re: ghost recon 2 classes

    Yes there are new classes introduced in ghost recon 2 and those are "Lone Wolf" and "Grenadier" (the Grenadier class is actually a splinter class; it used to be simply part of the Rifleman class). The Demolitions Class has been completely removed (by expanding the kits to include primary weapon, side arm, explosive and rocket launcher/laser designator for every class). The Lone Wolf class has many abilities that other classes do not have (such as air-burst grenades, laser designator for airstrikes and gun camera), but in single player missions, he must work alone.

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    Re: ghost recon 2 classes

    In ghost recon 2 you have the lead or hero character - his name's undecided at the moment - and he's supported by three squad members that are different classes. You can have, for example, a marksman, a machine gunner.

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    Re: ghost recon 2 classes

    Below are some of the Ghost Recon Advanced Warfight 2 multiplayer weapons and classes FAQ:

    1 Rifles(Riflemen and Grenadier class weapons)
    2 Explosive Launchers(Grenadier Class)
    3 Assualt Rifles(automatic Rifleman weapons)
    4 Sniper Rifles(marksmen weapons)
    5 Handguns
    6 Projectiles

    More information here.

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