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Thread: Grand soul gems location in oblivion

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    Grand soul gems location in oblivion

    where to find grand soul gems in oblivion ? i have tried many walkthrough but cant find the location please can any one tell me where can i find it .

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    Re: Grand soul gems location in oblivion

    Here are few grand soul gems location

    which i found from net :

    In the Dren's Villa on the lowest level through the locked doors.. you will find a locked chest on the shelfs.

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    Re: Grand soul gems location in oblivion

    One Gem : You can find this easy just go to the Imperial City Market , ther eyou need to locate the Mystique shop. you will get a gem for sale.

    Two- Four Gem's : You need to have a good lock picking skills, if you got it , move to the Arcane University. Best to go at night, you will be thieving.Go to the first floor there is a chest with three Gems inside. Make sure no one sees you. Once you get it open, take them all.

    Five Gem : Go to the Chorral Mage's will find a staircase, and display cases to the left and right.On theright looks tempting, three gems inside.

    Six Gem : Go to the Bruma Mage's. just go straight in and slightly to the left into their little shop. wait for the shopkeeperif she is not there , when he comes barter with her. If you didnt have money .try to pickpocket it off her
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