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Thread: How to create PS2 games ISO file

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    How to create PS2 games ISO file

    I have some DVD's of PS2 games. I want to create a ISO image of those disc so that in future if my disc is rotten out I can create a new one. I need a bit instructions for the same. I have Nero in my system. So how can I create a ISO image of the games. Also I want to know does PS2 supports backward compatibility. Does it supports PS1 games. And recently one of my friend had purchased a PS2 from JAPAN. So what is difference between a PS2 from JAPAN and a PS2 which is sold in US.

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    Re: How to create PS2 games ISO file

    There are many tools which can help you to create a ISO file of the games. But the games are copyright protected. So it is possible that your hardware might give you error of copyright protection. This is because it illegal to create a copy of original disc. If you do that you can face certain legal consequences. This laws are enacted to control piracy of the original content of a disc. See the below links to get more information.
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    Re: How to create PS2 games ISO file

    Launch Nero. Insert your PS2 discx. Then go to Nero Express Essentials. Click on DATA DVD or DATA CD. A windows will appear in which you will add your data contents. Click on Add. Select the files and folders of your game disc and click on next. Set the current recorder as Image Recorder DVD. Click on Burn.
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    Re: How to create PS2 games ISO file

    Yes maximum PS2 are backward compatible. The PS1 games works on them. It normally depends on which version of game your are playing. All PS2 supports the downward compatibility. So if your upgrade your PS2 then you will not need to throw your old game disc. And second thing there is not much difference between the Japanese Version and US one. The only thing the Japanese version lack is a absent of internal expansion bay for a 3.5" hard drive.

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