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Thread: FFVII (Final Fantasy 7) on Vista 64 bit

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    FFVII (Final Fantasy 7) on Vista 64 bit


    I recently bought a laptop which has vista operating system , I have installed Final Fantasy VIII and the installation goes really well without any issues , the bug seem to Occur when the game is started, when I insert the cd 1 and launch the application , i Have Nothing But a black screen,When i check in Task Manager it is noted that the application is not responding. please Help me Solve the Problem

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    Re: FFVII (Final Fantasy 7) on Vista 64 bit

    If you have a black screen and you can hear the music of the EIDOS logo, than this is definately due to K-LITE
    • So You have to In the START menu then all programs
    • click On "K-LITE" and "configuration" and finally on "ffdshow video decoder"
    • Left clickc on "Direct Show Control", then click on the right display settings. Check "Do not use ffdshow in" then click "edit"
    • then run The executable for Final Fantasy 7 "ff7.exe. Save the settings, and play!

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    Re: FFVII (Final Fantasy 7) on Vista 64 bit

    If you have a black screen without sound , the What is the version of your graphics card drivers are they latest found on the website of the manufacturer of laptop? (I do not know if this method is compatible with the black screen) ,but PS1 emulation is better to play Final Fantasy 7 and 8 on the PC since you can apply filters of all kinds to improve the record, which is ultimately better.

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    Re: FFVII (Final Fantasy 7) on Vista 64 bit

    Right click on properties FFVII.exe , Win98 compatibility mode, 256 colors, resolution 640 * 480, administrator ,Run the file FFVIIconfig ,Check You Settings to , 640 full screen, Direct3D.And finally! Insert cd1 and run FFVII.exe

    Also Try to
    Disable visual themes
    Disable desktop composition
    Disable scaling of the display for high resolution
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