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Thread: Copy write protected Disney Bolt Movie

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    Copy write protected Disney Bolt Movie

    I had borrowed BOLT movie DVD from my friend. After some days I will return the same to him. So I tried to copy the disc to my computer but when I am getting the error of write protection. What is the way by which I can copy the disc to have my own copy. Disney was planing to launch the BOLT game. Is it in the market or not. Need more information on the game.

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    Re: Copy write protected Disney Bolt Movie

    You cannot make the copy to the disc. It is illegal. The content of the disc is copyrighted. As the movie is the sole asset of Disney you are not allowed to create a copy of that. This is called piracy. Better go to the nearest shop and buy a new disc for your own self. Otherwise if caught then you can bear a law enforcement.

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    Re: Copy write protected Disney Bolt Movie

    Yes Disney has launched the BOLT game. Look on to your nearest shop. The game is put on purchase on the official site. The game gives you full 3D graphic environment. There is not trial version of the game available. The cost of game is around $20 on Disney website. Currently you can buy a Xbox, PlayStation and other gaming console versions.

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    Re: Copy write protected Disney Bolt Movie

    First of all you cannot copy the write protected disc. It is against law. But as far as concerned with the game it available for sale. The game story line is completely related to the movie. Just visit on Disney website and scroll in the games column. In the game you are the Hero BOLT which fight against the evil with his friends. The look of the game is perfect with better graphic ability. You have more additional weapons to play with.

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