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Thread: Is it illegal to copy pc games

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    Is it illegal to copy pc games

    i am copying games from my friend disk to my disk and then i start playing mostly all games i have that are from this way is that illegal and not allowed ?
    thank you

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    Re: Is it illegal to copy pc games

    If you are making a copy from your original cd for your personal purpose then it is fine but actually not legal but if you selling it to other then it is crime and you are breaking local copy right laws in your case you are copying from your friend so that is not legal

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    Re: Is it illegal to copy pc games

    Making a copy original disk is not supported by any organization it is illegal but most user never mind it to do that as there is no one to come at your home to see what you burning like you playing games that from your friend disk without installation playing games because that games are cracked

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    Re: Is it illegal to copy pc games

    its not illegal to copy disk for your personal use so use it without any problem what is illegal that you can get all games on torrents and p2p so just enjoy it dont bother ...

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