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Thread: Speed Up Your Game on No Cash Gba (No$Gba)

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    Speed Up Your Game on No Cash Gba (No$Gba)

    Hello , I have a problem with my no$gba DS emulator . and when I launch my pokemon platinum rom it Run at super super slow speed ,so if someone could help me configure my emulator to make it faster then it would be nice, please tell me how can i Speed up my games on no cash gba (No$Gba) ,Thanks in advance

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    Re: Speed Up Your Game on No Cash Gba (No$Gba)

    Everything depends on you Roms You used to play , and also on the games type like for Example the Pokemon diamond games run slow on any computer so in that you cannot do anything ,

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    Re: Speed Up Your Game on No Cash Gba (No$Gba)

    Open no$gba
    1. Choose your backup (your rom what: p)
    2. Go to Options and then Emulation Setup
    3. Change the option called "NDS-Cartridge Backup Media" and select FLASH 512KByte
    4. Then press OK
    5. Then click again on Options and then Save Option.
    6. Then click OK.
    7. Finally go to File then Reset Cartridge

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    Re: Speed Up Your Game on No Cash Gba (No$Gba)

    You Can try closing all of the windows from your Desktop Except for the no$gba after that go to task manger and set no$gba priority to high , this will give this process High Priority other then Other Processes ,
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