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Thread: PS3 online features

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    PS3 online features

    Hi. I bought a new PS3 last week. Its very interesting and running fine. I heard some where little bit about its Online features. Well, i would like to know what are the requirements for taking the full advantage of the PS3 online features ? Also let me know the what the Online features ? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: PS3 online features

    Sony has added loads of new online features using network updates, including a fully functional web browser with Flash and RSS support. Sony's PS3 has built-in Wi-Fi that lets you to connect online to any of Sony’s games for free as you don't need to buy network adapter. But you will have to whip out your credit card in case you want to take full advantage of PS3 online features. Building an online device requires a few major differences from an offline box - for one, it's important to be able to update your operating system, so that when you add new services or change features, you can incorporate those into the console's dashboard.

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    Re: PS3 online features

    According to Sony, many online games will have gold, silver and bronze trophies, with platinum available. PS3 is designed from the ground up as an online device - unlike the PS2, which suffered from a number of major problems on that front.Sony's PS3 online features are as follows:-

    Online gaming
    • There's a whole world of PLAYSTATION 3 system multiplayer gaming waiting for you online on the PlayStation Network.

    Connect with friends
    • Stay connected to your friends and make new ones with your PlayStation Network account.
    • Enjoy text, voice or video chat for real-time communication.
    • See who's online and what they're playing.
    • Send game invites to friends.

    PlayStation Store
    • Browse, download and enjoy games, game demos, movies and TV shows from the PlayStation Store.

    PlayStation Home
    • Explore a connected world with PlayStation Home, a 3D community for PLAYSTATION 3 system users that offers an interactive virtual space to meet, chat, plan, and launch into games.

    Internet Browser
    • Fast and easy. Use the PLAYSTATION 3 system to browse the Internet.

    Remote Play

    • Out and about? No problem. With Remote Play, use your PSP system to access your PLAYSTATION 3 system.

    System Software Updates
    • Get the newest improvements first. Update your system software using the System Update Method directly from the XMB.


    • Help fight disease with Folding at Home, a feature of Life with PlayStation. Or, you can connect your digital devices with Digital Living Network Alliance

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    Re: PS3 online features

    Thanks for quick reply friends. That is all i wanted to know. PS3 Online for gaming sounds good.Using PS3 to browse the Internet is of no interest to me, but i guess the PS3 web browser software properly designed.. I appreciate your help.Keep it up

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