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Thread: Xbox 360 won't recognize usb drive

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    Xbox 360 won't recognize usb drive

    My Xbox 360 not detecting the USB drive? Its working fine with my PC on Windows XP. Even i took back up of USB drive on my PC and formatted it twice then also Xbox 360 not recognizing it. Its 4gb iball flash drive. Whats wrong with it? Please help me to make it work properly.

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    Re: Xbox 360 won't recognize usb drive

    Actually not all external usb media are supported by the Xbox 360, better way is do a media share with your pc and but all usb data on that media share.Its easier way to share. And may be you not converting the files to the right format or your xbox doesn't have the necessary update for that .

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    Re: Xbox 360 won't recognize usb drive

    Refer to following thread to get more info on this topic:

    Can i use USB stick with Xbox 360

    Hope this helps, good luck.
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    Re: Xbox 360 won't recognize usb drive

    Just plug the flash drive in and go to the media menu of the 360 dashboard and select the USB flash drive, what's your flash drive formatted to FAT32 or NTFS? Format it with FAT 32. And may be your USB drive is non compatible with Xbox 360. That should work as I was able to connect my old 80gb external Western Digital drive to it with no problems. and you should also try by updating the firmware. And for info the USB ports on the 360 are read only. Microsoft said so themselves. You can't write data to any device connected via USB.

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