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Thread: How to stream video on Xbox 360 from pc

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    How to stream video on Xbox 360 from pc

    I have a Xbox 360 connect to my LCD TV Set. I have some video and movies in my pc. Instead of making a CD out of it, I want to ask that how can I directly stream that video form my pc to xbox. I had tried to find some solution. But I need some simple steps to do this. What are the different ways by which I can stream the audio and video file from my computer to Xbox 360 and view them on the TV.

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    Re: How to stream video on Xbox 360 from pc

    To stream the audio video file from your computer to xbox you will need a wireless router for it. I hope you have. Then you can add up the file in windows media player. You will need window media player 11 for that. Follow the instruction here. First create a wireless home network in your system. It is easy. Go to network and click on create connection. Then you will need to do this :
    • Connect you Xbox 360 to the wireless network. It is necessary to stream the files from your system. On the dashboard of xbox select system blade. Select network settings > edit settings > wireless. Select the network and then select done.
    • Then step 2. Launch Media Player 11. Go to Media Library add up all the files and click on Media Sharing tab > share my media. Select the Xbox and give OK.
    • The last step to play the files go to Media in Xbox and select music. The choose the computer and select Yes to continue. Select Play.

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    Re: How to stream video on Xbox 360 from pc

    Here is a simple way to stream the audio files in Xbox via computer. You will need to download VLC player for that.Then convert you video files to wmv format. Then go to control panel and click on Widows Media Connect. You should have a Media Center for this. Click on sharing and browse the folder of your video files, select the xbox from the down list and click on OK. Now here you can directly stream the video.

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    Re: How to stream video on Xbox 360 from pc

    Get a media server for that. Media Sever like Tversity will be fine for your system. Download it and install it on your system. It will act as a bridge between your pc and gaming console for data streaming. Tversity is in gui mode which offers you a automated wizard at every step. You can get a free trial version from the site for trying.

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