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Thread: Playstation 3 emulator

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    Playstation 3 emulator

    Is there working playstation 3 emulator on the net ? i really need this to play metal gear solid and more on my PC . i really hope it should be there . thanks for the help ,.

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    Re: Playstation 3 emulator

    There are no emulator for playstation 3 you cant get one in the net ,, By luck if you ot one it will be impossible to run a playstation 3 on a pc ,, you need a lighting fast PC .you need a CPU which could be clocked at THz

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    Re: Playstation 3 emulator

    It is really impossible on creating a Playstation 3 emulator,, there are still some PSX emulator have problems.There are no PS2 emulators out with working games which can handle or even read the encoding on discs .if you are going to think about it you should try to make a ps2 emulator first without us trying to get the graphics set up
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    Re: Playstation 3 emulator

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    A PS3 emulator is a remarkable device. It plays homebrew games and demos of the PS3, without you having to actually purchase the system itself. PS3 emulation is growing more and more popular every day, and it is really no wonder why. With a PS3 emulator you can save yourself the costs of having to purchase the system, and yet you still get to enjoy the fun and thrill of the PS3 games.

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