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Thread: Want to Play Games without CD

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    Want to Play Games without CD

    I just tried copying my video games CD's to the Hard Drive, to avoid inserting cd every time i play.but not succeed game request me to put the cd on my CD-ROM drive.
    any one know how it possible ??
    any help would be greatly received...

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    Re: Want to Play Games without CD

    I know there are a few software available in market which allows you to copy an exact image of the CD onto your HD, and run a virtual CD software to emulate a CD-ROM drive.after that you may load these CD image files into the virtual CD-ROM drive and your system will think that the real CD has just been put into the CD-ROM IMSIsoft is famous for this

    enjoy.. friend...

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    Re: Want to Play Games without CD

    All right i have multiple suggestions for you, try to get one of those CD emulator drive programs. else you could do what am done and just get a "NO-CD Crack" for the game.visit the website gamecopyworld and just try to get the crack for your game.and by this crack you do not need to put the cd on your drive..hope this helps you..
    good luck

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    Re: Want to Play Games without CD

    GameDrive application allows you to play games without inserting CD
    which is basically an emulator that builds disk images of your game CD/DVD and allows you to play your games without having to insert the media each time. Since these virtual disks are hard drive based, they offer much faster access times and reliable....

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