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Thread: How much bandwidth does xbox 360 live use ?

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    How much bandwidth does xbox 360 live use ?

    I'm having the limited internet with 3Gb download limit per month, i want to know how much bandwidth i'll need to play online gaming with Xbox live. i want to know if i'm playing any game online then how much bandwidht it will use within hour or few hours. Thanks for any reply.

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    Re: How much bandwidth does xbox 360 live use ?

    Whats the speed of your connection? If you having 3gb limited connection then i don't think so you can play much long gaming sessions daily. You can play games quite happily on a 512Kb internet connection, but if you having unlimited connection then that would be more better.

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    Re: How much bandwidth does xbox 360 live use ?

    I think as per my experience you'll finish 1 gb in 8 hours for a game like halo 3. Try to move on to unlimited plan. As for online play, there is no real info how much usage you will have. It depends on how many players connect, and how fast the positional updates will be.

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    Re: How much bandwidth does xbox 360 live use ?

    That depends on what you do. If you don't do anything on the console, it will still download news and images from your games from the Live service. Xbox Live averages about 10MB download and 6MB upload /hour for online play. All the graphics and everything are generated on your local Xbox, the network only needs to transmit your moves in a data format and any voice chatting you are doing. It doesn't require a great deal of bandwidth for online gaming. What is causing the biggest problem is the fact that so many little packets are being sent all the time and they are causing a constant interference to your packets being sent and received.

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    Re: How much bandwidth does xbox 360 live use ?

    so my mum forwards a letter to me about BT
    cause we got 3 laptops, 1 computer, 5 consoles(xbox 360, ps3,pspx2,nintendo ds,wii)
    and i got unlimted and i play on my ps3 and xbox 360 everyday also im on wireless.
    BT sends my mum a letter saying they have slowed the connection down
    this is the letter

    Dear Customer,
    We thought you'd like to know that your broadband usage in April is now above 80GB.
    In accordance with our Fair Usage Policy, and to protect the online experience of all our customers, if your monthly broadband usage goes over 100GB, we'll restrict your broadband speed at peak times (typically this is between 5pm and 12am, but these times may change depending on the demands on the network) to 1Mbps for 30 days.
    Please note: your service won't be affected in any other way - we'll restrict only your speed, not the amount you can upload and download.

    so is this me or my bro
    cause he downloading stuff onto his laptop and hes online when im online(sometimes)
    so is this me with the xbox and ps3 or him with the laptop?

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    Re: How much bandwidth does xbox 360 live use ?

    Once I have heard that the for playing halo3 for one hour uses about 15 megabytes as long as you are not hosting may be 5 megabytes can fulfill your needs, by the which ISP you are using.

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