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Thread: ArmA 2, Blood Bowl, Sims 3 patch

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    ArmA 2, Blood Bowl, Sims 3 patch

    Alternately, three development teams who have updated their respective last production to correct some bugs that could yet drag. Thus, we first had the right to v1.0.1.1 patch for Blood Bowl, then to V1.2.7 of Sims 3, and finally, updating v1.02.58134 for ArmA 2.

    On Blood Bowl, it is merely a matter of return on a small graph problem which is been mention on the review and a concern for desynchronization whereas ArmA 2, developers can change the antialiasing options directly from the videos. Note that this update is no problem with the backups made on v1.02.

    Finally, the first patch for The Sims 3 is here. Stamped V1.2.7, it is mainly on bugs that could cause the game crash or freeze the image. The concern at the time accelerator met by some players is also adjusted when the vertical synchronization and the authentication of the DVD do not pose a problem.

    Download the updated v1.02.58134 for ArmA 2
    Download the update v1.0.1.1 for Blood Bowl
    Download Update V1.2.7 for The Sims 3

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    Re: ArmA 2, Blood Bowl, Sims 3 patch

    ArmA 2 - Patch v1.02.58134
    • Improved AI driving skills
    • Lowered enemy AI skills for regular and recruit difficulty levels
    • Improved AI tactics Micro, attack in pairs, path limiting to avoid passing through walls.
    • Fixed multiplayer session NAT negotiation
    • Improved game stability (various crash opportunities fixed)
    • Multiple save slots supported
    • Improved field map shape beyond borders
    • Various campaign and localization fixes and improvements
    • Modules (F7) support added in the Mission Editor
    • Added option to disable various post-process effects (bloom, blur and so on.)

    Blood Bowl - Patch v1.0.1.1
    • Corrected Basically a graphics hardware problem most network desynchronization

    The Sims 3 - Patch V1.2.7
    • Rule problems speeds 2 and 3, which were too slow. Some computers will now have better results when using 2 and 3 speeds.
    • Fixed the switch on / off switch in the progression of history.
    • Fixed a possible crash with the audio code.
    • Correction of baby sitters who left the land with the babies.
    • Rule problems with vsync and refresh rate.
    • Address some authentication error and the DVD player compatibility at startup.
    • This update rule on certain issues Mac systems that can crash the game when connecting to servers AFP.

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