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Thread: Fsx in Shared Cockpit

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    Fsx in Shared Cockpit

    Hello , Freinds , Can You tell me what is Fsx and Share Cockpit , I need information about these Share Cockpit thing , thanks in advance

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    Re: Fsx in Shared Cockpit

    The shared cockpit feature is one way of using the multiplayer system. Typically, each user in a multiplayer session flies in his or her own aircraft; in "Shared Cockpit" two (and not more than two) users can fly the same aircraft simultaneously. Imagine that one might act as a pilot and the other as a passenger. Or perhaps the two are acting as pilot and copilot.

    At all times one of the users is the "pilot flying", who may, at their discretion, turn over control to the other user by hitting "Shift+T" (for Transfer control). (The other user may not 'steal' control). The "pilot flying' controls basic aircraft controls such as the yoke, throttle, and rudder pedals; either pilot can control avionics systems, gear, and other secondary control systems.

    The users must have separate machines running separate installations of FSX (or FSX+Acceleration Expansion Pack), but as long as they are connected by a network, they can be anywhere in the world. Want to get some training from your experienced Uncle Bob but he lives on the other side of the world? No problem.

    For more information on how to actually use the feature, check out the Learning Center in FSX. Go to the Index and click on "Shared aircraft" under the "Multiplayer" section.

    That's all the time I have for now, but stay tuned for information and sample code for keeping the gauges you develop in sync in the shared cockpit scenario! (We'll start with an overview of the model that we use to keep the two users' aircraft in sync; from then we'll move onto the callback functions that were added to the GAUGE_HEADER_FS1000 macro, and the two API functions "process_shared_event_out()" and "is_master()" and when you should use them).


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    Re: Fsx in Shared Cockpit

    I Have Read with the FSX you can easily share your Aircraft and Cockpit via Game Spy with a another user , But the space are too small, Shared Cockpit Feature is implemented in many simulator , you can Share your Cockpit Because this is the next Generation of Onlinegaming
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    Re: Fsx in Shared Cockpit

    The first and only software available today allowing you to reproduce a real cockpit environment over an Internet connection or a local LAN within FS2004. You can try it without limitations for a good number of hours then you need to buy a license if you like to keep using it.

    FSNet: a tiny (and clever!) add-on software letting you to perform shared cockpit flights within Flight Simulator 2004!

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