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Thread: Transfer saves from PS2 to PSP

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    Transfer saves from PS2 to PSP

    I was thinking is there a way to transfer ps2 save from psp to the ps2 through the psp usb. The thing is i was playing FF7 on my PS2 , now i have got FF7 for PSP . Can i get a step by step guide on how to transfer saves to psp to epsxe thanks for the help .

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    Re: Transfer saves from PS2 to PSP

    In the end, what you want are ePSXe files, which will have the extension .mcr. If you are using a Dex Drive, you can save yourself time time and use Dexter. If you download them off the Internet, you can convert your save game files using Memtools (he also makes his own Memory Card Manager, much like Dexter mentioned above).

    Both tools are very easy to use - just open your Playstation save game file, and save it as either .mcr or ePSXe format (depending on how they put it).

    Once that's done, you're almost there - now it's time to install things on your PSP.

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    Re: Transfer saves from PS2 to PSP

    The program is called PSGameEdit, and converts your memory card save files to .mcr.

    When you get a .mcr save file, you need to download CWCheats , it will not help you in enables cheats but also in transfer save files from your psx to your psp.

    For more information see here PSXGameEdit

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    Re: Transfer saves from PS2 to PSP

    There are more ways from which you can transfer your save game in PSP from PSX. Is this a fat PS2 and did you installed independence exploit and you can use a Launchelf to browse then copy your saves from PS1 MC to a usb drive . Now you have to Convert PS1 format saves to Epsxe using PSX raw converter and psx game edit.
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