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Thread: psp ps1 emulator

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    psp ps1 emulator

    I have a PSP and would like to know the best ps1 emulator for the psp . If you have more knowledge in this can any one explain me on how to install it . please help on this thanks for the help .

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    Re: psp ps1 emulator

    I think sony have released they're own psx emulator for some special firmware version If you have the official firmware you must buy the PSX games to play .

    I think there is a site enthusiasts have created a 'Custom Firmware' that wil allow you to run psx games and much more .for that custom firmware you must either be at version 1.50 or downgrade to 1.50 .
    for more information PM me

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    Re: psp ps1 emulator

    There are no really PS1 emulator in legally, there are minimum list of game in playstation store for download . Do you know that the emulator is built into the PSP firmware.Get the latest version of PSP firmware and you have the latest emulator.

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