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Thread: PS2 Disc Read Errors

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    PS2 Disc Read Errors

    I got a pretty old PS2 and it not under warranty . in recent days PS2 cant read movie DVD , i dont why , but today when i put games and start it i got a message Disc Read Error PS2 I tried all the DVD i have 50 of them but every one is facing the problem can this problem be fixed or i have to throw this PS2 get my self a new one .
    Please reply thanks

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    Re: PS2 Disc Read Errors

    This is the easiest thing you can do to attempt to fix your PS2, while it hardly ever works it only take a minute or two, and should be done first before you take apart your machine.

    1) You must be in the "main menu" screen of the PS2 console, the first screen that comes up when you start with no disc in.

    2) press the "triangle button"

    3) Select "Console" from the top using the up directional buttons and press
    the "Triangle" button

    4) Select "On" using the up and down directional buttons and press the "X"

    5) Insert a disc. The console automatically starts the diagnosis.
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    Re: PS2 Disc Read Errors

    Clicking is most likely the laser unit moving back and forth trying to access a peice of data. If it can't find that data it will move back and forth until it does. In the case of a DRE, since the PS2 never finds that data it will continue clicking untill you receive the error.

    In case clicking is loud, or you hear squeaking, it might be a good idea to clean the slide rods that the laser rides on, and then add some oil or grease. I will be adding more information on this very soon.

    Loud clicking can be the result of warped discs in the drive, check to see if your disc is warped if you get loud clicking.

    For more tips on how fix ps2 disc read error see here

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