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Thread: Witcher does not Run, Start on the AMD processor

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    Witcher does not Run, Start on the AMD processor

    My Witcher game won't Run, Start, or Open. I am getting an error message saying "your XP SP2 updated to play nice with your dual core chip". I looked in the add/remove programs and I don't have the hotfix referenced in the thread but it is not clear to me that I need it. The only thing that will open is the register, or the launcher program. When i click on launch game or try to start it, i click on Executable but it doesn't do anything. i have the following configuration:
    Pentium 4 3.6GHz 901MHz
    ATI RADEON 9800 XT 256MB
    1GB RAM

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    Re: Witcher does not Run, Start on the AMD processor

    This seems like a software issue,and the Witcher have modified Aurora game engine underpinnings, so in some ways, there will be some similarities. If that driver is definitely compatible with your chipset, before you install it, I suggest backing up your data and creating a system restore point in case anything goes wrong, as in my experience, sometimes driver updates can create problems rather than solve them.

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    Re: Witcher does not Run, Start on the AMD processor

    In my opinion, it's better you update the video card,or you need to play with all low video settings. Witcher runs on the Aurora (NWN2) engine and I think the remaining crashes I experience are the kind to be expected with these games. The 1.2 patch really brought the load times down. You should be able to play okay at 1024x768 with low, maybe some medium, settings.

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    Re: Witcher does not Run, Start on the AMD processor

    1. You need to Update directx here:
    2. If you don't have a Donwload and install this hotpatch:
    3. You may also Update patches for the game from the folloiwing here:
    4. You need to Restart computer.
    5. Right click on game icon, go to properties, compatiability and run as administrator.

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