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Thread: Xbox 360 Firmware Hacked

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    Xbox 360 Firmware Hacked

    I read in one of blog that a flaw was found in Microsoft's 'impenetrable' security of the Xbox 360. It was possible to make a minute hack but does not have any effect on the console at all, but it affects the DVD drive. It was a small group of people who developed this crack, which is been not allowed by the Google. They were able to alter the Xbox 360's firmware in order to allow themselves to play copied Xbox games. This was accomplished by bypassing the media check in the firmware that reports to the 360 if the game to be played is a genuine 360 disk.

    It is also been said that, some people have also found this hack, but did not publish as they don't want to 360 games to be pirated, they wanted it for researching if it contributed to being able to run 'homebrew' games on the Xbox 360.

    If anybody has any comments on it please suggest.

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    Re: Xbox 360 Firmware Hacked

    Entering the elite xbox 360 RROD club if restarting the console doesn't work, time to claim warranty. although id wait for xbox 360 owners, it was only a matter of time until someone hacked it. Lucky for that people that have the 360. But it seems really complex and even if i had a 360 i don't think i would be able to do it without messing the whole system up.

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    Re: Xbox 360 Firmware Hacked

    When i come across PSP Homebrew escapades then i realized that. and it was amazing to new game developers to learn and play their games on a console, but it opened a pandoras box of simple pirating.

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