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Thread: Maplestory black screen Problem

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    Maplestory black screen Problem

    I have installed maple story in my windows vista computer. It was given by a friend who plays it on his xp machine. Here maplestory is not working. Whenever I run it it gives black screen with the music running in the background. But in windows xp pc the same game working great. What can be the issue here.

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    Re: Maplestory black screen Problem

    Try to reinstall the game. There can some mistake done while during the installation of game. I thing the setup file of MapleStory is being corrupted. If possible get a new file and install the game again. Try to turn off your firewall and run the game. Also update your direct x9 driver in windows. You will get it free on internet.

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    Re: Maplestory black screen Problem

    As far as I know MapleStory is not designed for windows vista. It will only work on windows xp. It is incompatible with windows vista. Do one thing check the compatibility settings of maplestory. To do so, right click on the shortcut button of maplestory and select properties. Then click on the compatibility tab, In the tab click on the compatibility tab. From the drop down menu select windows xp. Then restart your system. Now check out weather it is working your not.

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    Re: Maplestory black screen Problem

    Did you have a proper graphic card installed in your system. See weather the computer in which the game works has a graphic card. See the specification. If you do not have the same then the problem is arising due to the display of games. If possible then get a graphic card and see the game is working or not. Try to update your display driver also.

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