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Thread: Warcraft 3 tft hosting

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    Warcraft 3 tft hosting

    Hello friends,
    I can not host more map after I have changed internet Socially. know what to do to host the map again? have my firewall turned off, etc. please help someone ..
    thank you

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    Re: Warcraft 3 tft hosting

    Usually it like to 6112 6113 Blizzard uses to SC and WC .Warcraft 3 uses by default port 6112 and you can change the inside game.Open port 6112

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    Re: Warcraft 3 tft hosting

    If you have a forwarder with the windows firewall, there should be no problem there. However, it is your router - you should also forward the ports there. Since no forwarder ports in Windows Firewall, the router has forwarded the specified ports ... Have you tried to disable AVG and Windows Firewall, to check whether this is where the error lies?check Control Panel -> Security -> Windows Firewall -> Change Settings -> Exceptions -> Add Port

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    Re: Warcraft 3 tft hosting

    If your using a firewall on your system, then you may experience problems hosting. Your Warcraft 3 firewall setting may require an open port inside your firewall in order to communicate with other users.

    So, you want to open one of those ports inside your firewall, you need to add "The Blizzard FAQ" to all the ports, but you would require one per computer. Warcraft will allow you to configure your game port on the OPTIONS menu. Try to set the game port to a number between 6112 and 6119. If you have multiple computers, each computer will require a different port number. see here for more information How to open ports for Warcraft 3 also this How do u host in warcraft 3

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