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Thread: How to talk in counter strike

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    How to talk in counter strike

    Hi to everyone , Can anyone say me how can i talk while playing the Counter strike source? I always play the cs with friends on LAN. I want to talk with team members. I don't know how to send messages in CS ? When i do play with bots they are able to send messeges like "Lead the Way" etc, but how we can? Thanks for any reply.

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    Re: How to talk in counter strike

    Refer to following threads to know more about the CS commands:

    Counter-Strike Equipments Shortcut keys
    Counter Strike: Source Commands, guide, tips

    Hope this will help.
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    Re: How to talk in counter strike

    You won't be able to send all comments as bot sends, You can try Radio commands buy pressing either C, X or Z. For example when you'll press C+1, you'll say "Cover Me" .

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    Re: How to talk in counter strike

    Yes right all bots commands are not available to us, how ever you can type them manually and can send to your team members screen. Press "Y" to enable a message prompt and then type the message and press enter to broadcast the message to your team members. You can use Microphone to communicate with your friends verbally, for this press "K" to talk over a microphone.

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