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Thread: Blitz: The League II Walkthrough/FAQ, Cheats, Tips

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    Blitz: The League II Walkthrough/FAQ, Cheats, Tips

    I am playing this game for like past 2 weak and it i not that good well almost sucks , but for now i dont have any money to buy any new game so i stuck to it , i just want to finish or have some fun with some one can give me cheats or some tips walkthrough to make this game worth it .
    Thanks for the reply .

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    Re: Blitz: The League II Walkthrough/FAQ, Cheats, Tips

    here are some cheats you can use

    • Air Traffic - XYXB
    • Back It Up - XBYB
    • Ball Spike - AAAB
    • Beer Chug - AABB
    • Clothesline - YAAB
    • CPR - YYBB
    • Dance Fever - YYYA
    • En Garde - BBBX
    • Get Down - BABY
    • Golf Putt - AXYB
    • Grenade - AXBY
    • Gunslinger - AABA
    • Hand Exchange - BBXA
    • Helmet Fling - AXAX
    • Knighted - AAYX
    • Knockout - XXYY
    • Man Crush - XXXY
    • Nut Shot - YYBA
    • Pinned - YXBA
    • Proposal - BXBA
    • Pylon Darts - ABAB
    • Pylon Kick - BAAB
    • Tango - YXAX
    • The Fiddler - YXXY
    • The Pooper - YXAB

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    Re: Blitz: The League II Walkthrough/FAQ, Cheats, Tips

    Here is the bassic you should look for : Basic Strategy: (blitziii)

    A. Always use turbo (except when using clash – see below) (blitziiia)

    B. CLASH IS KEY. (blitziiib)

    I can't stress this enough. Games are won and lost by effective "clash

    ALWAYS have some juice left in your clash meter. This applies to offense as well as defense. A simple rule of thumb in clash conservation is only use clash in opportunities to gain more clash (sacks, losses, big offensive gains,touchdowns, etc.) so you’ll always have something left in your clash meter.

    There are some exceptions to this rule:

    1. A dirty hit on the team captain will earn you two clash icons, in addition to lowering his stamina and therefore worsening his stats. Whack the team captain whenever you see fit, as long as he has the ball.

    2. Kill the Quarterback. As mentioned above, a dirty hit lowers stamina and makes a player worse. A worse quarterback is easier to sack in the future.

    Aside: Though everyone likes to that cool cutscreen you get when you cause an injury, if you’re looking to win big, it’s probably better that the player stays up. Player abilities decrease quickly as stamina is depleted and computer players will be much less effective as they become weaker. Consider the fact that second stringers are generally very good (third stringers are a different story), and you’ll agree that facing a 70-stamina first stringer is FAR more desirable than injuring the starter and facing a fresh backup. (Not that the player really has much control over whether or not a dirty hit causes an injury…. This is just and interesting thing to note.) Also note that only dirty hits can cause injuries.

    3. The use of clash will lead to one or more clash icons that will bring about unleash status. Even if it means using up your last ounce of clash, it is well worth it to pull of that last juke or dirty hit that will lead to unleash. (By the same token, if you’re a good brawler, feel free to land that last dirty hit that starts a brawl.)

    C. UNLEASH: (blitziiic)

    Unleash is great because it has the potential to make for an easy touchdown or a turnover on defense… but again, use it sparingly, and like clash, don’t use it for something that won’t earn you more clash. Unleash should probably be conserved more than clash because after an unleash move, you will be left with a totally empty clash meter (whereas with clash, you’ll only use a bit). Personally, I think unleash should be reserved strictly for sacks and passing plays – passing plays, especially, because if you use clash as the receiver to
    try and catch a long pass, even if you don’t catch it, the game doesn’t count the incomplete pass as an “unleash move,” and will allow you to maintain unleash status so you can just try again.

    Whatever you do, don’t unleash on a kick returner. Unless you cause a fumble, you will have no clash left for defense.

    Here is the full walkthrough of the game : Blitz: The League II Walkthrough

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