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Thread: Fix Open Tray Message in Xbox 360

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    Fix Open Tray Message in Xbox 360

    I am having Xbox 360 connected with Microsoft Media center pc. It is not working for last couple of days. I borrowed some new game disc from my friend. When I insert the disc the console stuck at open tray message. I tried at around 20 times to run the game but not progress. I am really annoyed with this think. What can be problem with it.

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    Re: Fix Open Tray Message in Xbox 360

    Many Xbox users are suffering with the same problem. The error is most common experience for all. The games disc which your borrowed from your friend is original one or pirated. Because Xbox is designed in such a way that it cannot read the pirated version of games. They only read the originals. Also check the disk are not damage. They must not have a lot of scratch on them. Try playing your old games. It they work then the problem is with the disc other wise there is an hardware failure.

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    Re: Fix Open Tray Message in Xbox 360

    I will recommend you to show your games console to the nearest service center if it is under warranty. I think DVD drive is gone. It is not reading the disc not executing the games. It is under warranty then they not charge you a single penny. This moslty happen when the laser inside the DVD disc is unable ot read the disc. It cannot identify the disc and screen hangs upon open tray message.

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    Re: Fix Open Tray Message in Xbox 360

    I usually used my Xbox for games and to view HD movies. It was told to me by someone that Xbox is not designed to watch movies or play songs. Because they have different format than a game. The motor inside the DVD drive which runs the disc rotate faster in case of movies and slower in case of games. So my xbox was gone due to this one. I too beleive that you are facing a similar problem. The only solution for this is send it for repair. It is an hardware issue in which you do nothing.

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