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Thread: Kung Fu Panda Walkthrough, Cheat for xbox 360

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    Kung Fu Panda Walkthrough, Cheat for xbox 360

    Can any on Post some tips , cheats or Walkthrough of the Kung Fu Panda for Xbob 360 .
    Thank you for your reply .

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    Re: Kung Fu Panda Walkthrough, Cheat for xbox 360

    Here is the kung fu panda walkthrough for xbox 360

    Level 1: The dream of Po

    Here you control the dragon warrior, Po Grab the rare coin under the bridge and then the vase is on deck. The vases are part of a secondary search a villager you requested. Remove the robbers on the spot and then, grab the vase on the right. Kill the thief and left you will free the passage. Bottom right is a vase. Then walk up the slope, grab the vase on the 4th boxes.

    Go over the bridge and once on the other side, drive in the courtyard. Once you are out of the circuit, make a U-turn and using the funds, go to the area. Go recover two vases plus a rare coin. Then head to the door, pick up the vase on the right 7th and eliminate enemies. Then enter the house from behind.

    Pick up the 8th vase in the left and fly for a few battles. Once on the ground, look behind, there is a figurine of Po This is a rare clip of unchoked Po Go to the center of the next court and get the last two vases. Then confront the boss. After your victory, the dream stops and the level ends.

    Level 2: Dragon Warrior Tournament

    You are in front of the temple and the door was unfortunately closed on the nose of Po Begin retrieving trailer behind the right, the figurine of Master Tigress. Then go left, there is a trampoline that you will pass the gates. Once in place, you have to defend the little rabbit. Take control of the gun aside and purple balloons to clear a passage. Get a rocket and then a rare on this path. Then help the little rabbit and second place to the commission of this crossbow. Same work, then go get the two rockets.

    Skip the collapsed wall and help the little rabbit. Put yourself on the deck to retrieve the rocket, the bridge will collapse under your feet, you start to roll to help rabbits. Through the pitfalls and will help the rabbit next to the crossbow. Use it and grab the rocket on the walkways. Avoid the pitfalls and help the last rabbit in the corner. Also retrieve the rocket in one of the traps.

    With the trampoline, hit the blocks and once on the blocks, jump on the trampoline this height to recover rare. Then reach the ledge and the roof. Collect the rocket after the traps and then 2 blocks down from the roof.

    Once on this site, get a total of 6 rockets. To do this, destroy all the crates, then move to the chair. Once the chair on, you take control of Master Tigress. To eliminate the Mastodon, wait for the target type and so on it. Chain then the combination of keys on the screen. Three blows enough to kill this machine.

    Here is finally the arrival of Po, it is stated Dragon Warrior to finish this level.

    Level 3: In the beginning

    You've been to the room, you must destroy all models. Practice some combos on each and easily reach the next room. In this room, learn new techniques and eliminate models in less than 2 minutes.

    Get the rare coin and beat the record for Master Tigress in the next room. Destroy the dummies, this room is simple.

    You unlock the next room, beat the record for Master Monkey now. There is a mannequin hand on the floor and the bottom 2 on each side at the top.

    In the last room, the master viper. Descend into the pit, destroy all the large models and after, go behind the fences to reach the scale at the bottom. Above, you will have access to bridges and the latest models. The level will end at the same time as this training.

    Level 4: Protecting the palace

    You have in areas to the master crane. Beware of thunderstorms, your wings turn pink when you get closer too. Clear 18 during the flight the vultures and retrieve rare. You then arrive at the palace to regain control of Po

    You have to defend all the treasures. Get the foremost figure on the right of the basin with the help of funds. For the first wave, head to the right of the basin, there is a small hole in the wall. If they want to escape is there, so wait there and not let any thief. A second wave will arrive, remove them all then enemies will come through the ceiling.

    Go to the door right to close the doors and retrieve the coin. From the 6th round, focus on the main door. You will then need to go close the doors of the hall on the left. Hold until the 12th round to see a sword falling from the ceiling, remove the owner. This level will end this fight.

    Level 5: Lake of tears

    You are now on the lake, water lilies turn right to find your first two eggs. The third is just after the bridge where you encounter your first crocodile. Go directly to the left is the fourth egg at the end boards. Reach the houses on the right, there is access to water lilies, there are two eggs in this direction.

    Return home and protect both turtles adults. Go to the left, a turtle is used to support the land. Get an egg and a rare piece in that direction. Back on the right, where you helped the second turtle. Jump on its shell to reach the 8th egg.

    Go on the next block and help the two adult turtles. They will give you access to the last two eggs. Figurine master Oogway is behind the block where the tortoise is a springboard. Go see the old tortoise at the cabin, then climb on its back. It will take you on an island further, do not rush. Take the left path to find a rare coin.

    Go get the baby turtle, you will be out at the master crane. Avoid Sergeant crocodile attacks, you have approximately 1 minute to take further. The level will end on this valiant rescue

    Level 6: Temple Wudang

    Master Shifu leads to the temple through a scene full of cliffs. Cross the bridge on the right and destroy the 3 targets that are actually climbing equipment. Run the bomb on the pile of rocks to get a ladder. Upstairs, the master of gorillas opens hostilities. Climb dodging explosives, and cross the bridge.

    Take a bomb and left to go destroy the explosives on the right. Then along the cliff, you destroy two devices climbing and at the end, there will be a rare piece. Step on the lock to retrieve a holy relic and cross the suspension bridge. Break 2 climbing equipment and the right, explode the rocks to find a rare coin.

    Step on the lock and get a holy relic. Take the bridge and destroy this cliff climbing equipment 3. On the lock there is also a sacred relic, then reach the suspension bridge. Retrieve the holy relic and destroy two devices. These steps are rather repetitive. Same as for the previous one, take the suspension bridge to reach the next cliff. Grab the relic and then take the bridge amount. Here you break 4 equipment and a room behind the rocks to explode.

    Go to the gorilla on the cliff and grab the last relic. Go left at the bridge and take control of Shifu. Defend the Temple Mount and destroy 3 of climbing equipment. Take control of Po and drive until you reach the Boss of the gorillas. 3 Break the latest equipment and get the figure Shifu. Run the bombs on the gorilla, shot in 3 has done it and level.

    Level 7: Flots dangerous

    You are now on a small body of water, jump in the water lily water lily. Watch out for crocodiles and rockets will first save the villagers. It is basically right, after going to the first crocodile that makes rockets.

    Reach the central tower, climb the tower to find a rare coin and release the prisoner. The prisoner is 3rd on the left side of the tower, a little farther down the lake. Then there is a rare piece and a villager in the direction of the boat Shifu.

    Climb into the boat and doing well in your walk avoiding rockets. Finish this very short at the end of this walk health.

    Level 8: Rescue of Wudang

    You'll have a small part of the fight against cyclones 5 Tai Lung. Press requested and take control of Shifu to read. Directly behind you, there are 2 villagers. Cross the bridge, face all the enemies until the door opens. Cross the bridge and jump on the clouds to reach the cliff.

    Free two villagers who are on the way to the left, then turn the two bridges over it. Take the bridge to the right to release master crane. Clouds appeared, jump over to the left on another cliff.

    Clear waves of enemies that come, the door will then open. Free two masters, on top of a cage is a figurine. Then continue to the new door. On this new position, left the bridge there are 2 villagers and a rare coin. Clouds appear after the fight, take them to save the master monkey. New clouds appear, you can go in to rescue two other villagers.

    You will find below a crossbow, use it to help master tigress who is physically assaulted by gorillas. The door opens on the right, go 2 save the village and then the other 2 one floor above right. Take the clouds to meet Master Tigress.

    Go on the 2 bridges, a total of 4 villagers await you and a rare coin. Kill all enemies then you come over. The level will end with this battle.

    Level 9: howling at the moon

    You start this level in a large forest, jump from branch to branch to reach the ground. Free 4 villagers and wait for 2 warriors are down a tree. Tear down them and then take this new access. Climb on the platform and at the end, get 2 free the villagers.

    Write down the tree and go across the river. Unleash the last four villagers, take the branches and the first part, let you fall. Get the rare coin and left figurine Mante.

    Go back to your arms and take the branch right next to the trunk to retrieve the rare piece. Mount the last part of the cliff and win against the sisters Wu This fight will finish the level.

    Level 10: The secret of the sands

    You are now in field training Tai Lung, get off the main square. There are 2 types of ramp, the fire and the smallest with just 2 flags. Climb a small and using the momentum, reach the top of a ramp inflamed. You can then release a moonstone. Free 2 other stones in the same way.

    Then retrieve the rare piece on the springboard. To reach it, take the ramp that is on the right jump. It takes you to the ramp. The 2nd piece is the rare side of the turquoise blue ball. Not since the slope, rare coin is behind the block.

    Finish now moonstone and once in the pit, using explosive charges to destroy the 8 bolts. Eliminate the remaining enemies and the level ends.

    Level 11: The Palace

    Back to the palace, Tai Lung is really not happy. You're in control of Shifu, resist all waves of enemies and protect the artifacts. At first they attacked 2 of the main door. Then in the next wave will be those in the middle. Use the load Shifu to more quickly without damage brigands treasures.

    You have to face Tai Lung, avoid all the rocks you lance. After a number of attacks, you will launch a column, you'll need to interact on the buttons on the screen. After 3 strokes, Tai Lung mount a floor.

    Go to the path on the left, get a rare coin and then get on the floor. Eliminate a few enemies and to fight Tai Lung. Once you have launched 3 columns, then rise one story. Use the column to reach the other side and grab the right piece.

    Climb to the floor and eliminate Tai Lung.

    Level 12: The destiny of the Warrior

    You are in the city, control of Po Help your father and picked up 2 tons to 2 to extinguish the first fire. Then on the right place, there are 4 lights and other villagers to save 5. Kill the big bull and release the remaining villagers then turn off the lights last.

    Go to the front door, drop the statue to break the door. Use the crossbow to kill all the wolves, then go behind the stairs. Take a path on the right to run alongside the River. Come back a little on yourself to get the figurine. Then go get the room right then get on the other side of the river by the left lane.

    You are now the master of the Monkey. Skip to tour round the place and scale to create a passage Po Go then to the golden statue to release another passage. Go on the roof then right then another left. Pick up the rare piece.

    Now, with Po, Master Monkey join easily through the access that you have done. Push all the enemies and kill the boss to finish this level.

    Level 13: The final battle

    Po Tai Lung nargue with the dragon roll and now he jumps on you. You start to run at full speed, grab this course for a maximum of yellow coins. Skip to recover rare and once down, deal him a few blows. Take your responsibility and you land in a house surrounded by wolves. Kill them all and return face Tai Lung.

    You must then perform a few keystrokes and a wolf you will fly the dragon roll. Once in place behind you in a corner, there is the figure of Tai Lung. Eliminate all your enemies.

    You're in the final straight. Kill Tai Lung. To do this, do you help barrels and Technology belly iron. This fight will finish the game

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