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Thread: How do u host in warcraft 3

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    How do u host in warcraft 3

    hi ,
    i am new gamer with my new gaming rig i want your help regarding warcraft 3. I want to know how do i host in warcraft 3 please provide me proper guidance to do this.
    thank you.

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    Re: How do u host in warcraft 3

    I think you need to go for port forwarding your IP but first try this plug your modem directly to your computer reset it and you are able to host. I disable your windows firewall as may be that would not allow you to create connection with Warcraft 3

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    How do u host in warcraft 3 with LIVE BOX Orange

    How do u host in warcraft 3 with LIVE BOX Orange :

    Click Start > Control Panel > firewall> Exceptions tab > Create a new port > write above port: 6112 name: Warcraft III then this is turn on setting the Live Box (Do not forget to check).

    Go to Start > Control Panel > Network Connections > Double click Local Area Connection > tab > Details > look at the figures named Default Gateway Example: 192,168 .1.1 then write this numbers on your internet browser address So you can make entry in your setup of live box. passwords and the name of identification! Then the next steps are as follows >

    Identification Name: Admin
    Password: Admin

    You have finally entered in your Live box, this time you will have created a new server from port to port

    Then go to server LAN > New entry

    Server Name >
    Activated access > Yes
    Port> 6112
    At the port > 6112
    Protocol > TCP
    you are here asking you local IP address.
    This is simple to know go to your control panel network connection take the same paths to get your gateway address by default, except that you will see "IP Address" copied the number listed next to the name .past on the local ip address! you done you can finally create!

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    Re: How do u host in warcraft 3

    i had the problem regarding host warcraft 3 so i tried this video guide this proper and easy to create connection just try it. also if you need some more help here is good guidance about How to open ports for Warcraft 3

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    Re: How do u host in warcraft 3

    i search all over how to host warcraft 3 but did not found any help but here i find this configuration to host warcraft 3 on LIVE BOX Orange. that is good and appreciable thank you.

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    Re: How do u host in warcraft 3

    This is another guide i found for how to host a warcraft 3 game just follow this guide if you having problem regarding hosting a warcraft 3 game..

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