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Thread: New Super Mario Bros Preview

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    New Super Mario Bros Preview

    At the bottom of it, each player knows that as long as there is Nintendo, there will necessarily Mario games. Yet the discovery of a new series title is still a small event in itself that is routinely accompanied by the revelation of a small element to distinguish the game of his illustrious predecessors. In the case of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, the little novelty to just one word: multiplayer.

    By far, New Super Mario Bros. Wii could pass for a new adaptation of the wild adventures of Mario outings in 2006 on DS. But it is not, quite the contrary. The only similarity between the games is in fact a return to the profile of early stage and therefore a two-dimensional gameplay. To play, you hold the Wiimote sideways so as to have the cross directional left thumb under the keys 1 and 2 and under the right thumb. The brainchild of New Super Mario Wii is to propose a 4 players simultaneously. Each player controls when a character on the screen (Mario, Luigi Toads + two) and play along with others on the same level. For each cooperative or its cap, it's up to you to choose the way you play. Remember still that late stage, additional points will be awarded to four players depending on the number of coins they have collected, the number of lives lost, etc..

    Several interactions are established between the participants, including the possibility of catching a player to run it against enemies or on a platform height. You can also bounce on the head of a comrade to jump higher. Surprise, Yoshi makes his big comeback. The dinosaur is available in several colors and provides access to different powers depending on the enemies that he will give sucked. As always in a Mario, levels are riddled with secret passages. If a player finds one of these areas by entering into such a pipe, others have three seconds to join him in order not to be penalized. Similarly, if a player is too far behind, fell into a hole or is hit by an enemy, he loses a life and his character will reappear seconds later in a bubble across the screen. To continue to play, someone should come and burst the bubble. One technique is to shake the Wiimote to draw the bubble against a player and break more quickly. Many costumes are also among the new costumes including a "penguin" to run blocks of ice and freezing the enemy or even a costume "helicopter" to whirl in the air.

    It does not take long to notice the sign yet that Nintendo is a must for its future Wii console. The game is easy to handle and yet full of small subtleties in the gameplay. It is also responsible for bonuses and new, nice looking and very fun to play. The chapter on regrets, however, contains a small flat. It will not be possible to play New Super Mario Bros. Wii en mode online. Nintendo has ruled that the important players are all united in the same room to talk among themselves, or simply to carry fun together. A position that defends himself, but the choice between two options (online or offline) was appreciable. Apart from that, the game is undoubtedly one of the nice surprises of the show. And the good news in the story is that New Super Mario Bros. Wii released at the end of the year!

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    Re: New Super Mario Bros Preview

    The game really rides the nostalgia line very well. Not enough old or remixed Mario music and sound effects there to remind you of the oldest games, and not enough with a more recent material to prevent all feel shame. In short, the audio is one of the a lot of highlights of the game, which include a lot of immense sound effects (mutually old and new) and the standard array of speech you've approach to anticipate from Mario.

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