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Thread: Metal Gear Solid: Rising

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    Metal Gear Solid: Rising

    Konami announces new Metal Gear for Xbox 360, PS3, PC.

    Dramatic turn of events during the conference Microsoft! Hideo Kojima comes up on stage to announce Metal Gear Solid Rising, a episode totally exclusive to the Xbox 360. A real thunderclap just fall in Los Angeles with the announcement to say the least deafening. We know that this episode will revolve around the enigmatic Raiden and Solid Snake. We talk soon.

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    Re: Metal Gear Solid: Rising

    The title called Metal Gear Solid Rising: Lightining Bolt Action, is currently in development for Xbox 360 (it is still unclear whether exclusive or not). It will propose to slip into the skin of Raiden, the character appeared in Metal Gear Solid 2: Guns of the Patriots released on PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

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    Re: Metal Gear Solid: Rising

    It should be noted that the slogan of the series is more "tactical espionage action," but "lightning bolt action." Remains to be seen what will change in the gameplay.
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