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Thread: Castle Crashers King Pack

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    Castle Crashers King Pack


    How can i get Castle Crashers King Pack? Its having three new weapons (including the Gold Sword) and a new seal animal orb called Pelter. More useful, perhaps, is a spell called the King's Heal which heals the entire party.

    If some one already got success to get it, then please show me the same path. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Castle Crashers King Pack

    You can download this King Pack priced at 160 Microsoft Points.

    The King's Pack includes the following:

    • Two playable characters -- The King and an Open Faced Gray Knight.
    • The King's Heal Spell, which heals everybody in the party.
    • Three new weapons, one of which is the Gold Sword.
    • A new animal orb named Pelter.

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    Re: Castle Crashers King Pack

    The King is a special character, as his magic actually heals himself and the other players, which is unique among the various magics in the game. He also only has three teeth, which also makes him special.

    Download the King Pack from Xbox Live Marketplace

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