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Thread: PS3 Problem:How to fix DNS error

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    PS3 Problem:How to fix DNS error

    I have a wireless router which is working perfectly for other devices except my PS3.After entering this manually in the network setup on my PS3, I was able to obtain an IP address from my router, I was able to open the configuration page on my router, but connecting to the internet would fail with some kind of DNS error.I'm geting FIOS for internet in a few days and that might be the problem since were cancelling the current internet connection but it works on my computer. So do anyone of you have idea to fix the DNS error on PS3 ?

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    Re: PS3 Problem:How to fix DNS error

    It may be the router problem. Change the router and check it, also download the latest firmware of the Router.Typing the DNS servers method never worked for me. Or Unplug your power to your router and modem for 1-2 minutes, then plug it back in again. Try going from Wall>Modem>PS3. It should work.

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    Re: PS3 Problem:How to fix DNS error

    Try to configure your PS3 connection manually on the console.Go to your Settings Menu then Network Settings and Choose "Settings and Connection Status List". This will display a pretty detailed information about your connection to your local gateway (router).. Check specifically for Primary and Secondary DNS. Even download the new firmware 2.42. This will fix your problems.

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    Re: PS3 Problem:How to fix DNS error

    You have to type your IP address/router code/ Primary,Seconday DNS codes manually your router company and they will provide your your DNS codes. Or Get a memory stick with at least 100mb space on it. Make a new folder that is names PS3. Inside that folder make another new one that is called UPDATE. Both must be in capitol letters. Then go to - PLAYSTATION®3 - Network - updates and click on "download now"... Then click save and save it to your memory stick in the UPDATE file, which should be in your PS3 file.plug that into your ps3 in one of the USB ports for the controllers. In the main screen go to SETTINGS and then go to SYSTEM UPDATE. Go to UPDATE VIA STORAGE MEDIA. PS3 will search for your media stick and it should say on the screen The latest update data was found... Version 1.50. Click OK and follow the rest of the instructions.

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    Re: PS3 Problem:How to fix DNS error

    Leave all network settings default except for DNS servers. put in the following IP addresses for DNS and The problem comes from some ISPs' DNS servers not working properly with the playstation network. I have Time Warner and this was the case with me. I found I was only getting online half of the time, yet the playstation web broser always got online. I put in the above IP addresses, which come from OPENdns, and have not had a problem since. A coworker of mine, who also has a PS3 with the same problems used the and and now his unit works fine as well. Let me know if this helped you

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