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Thread: Gamer tag for Xbox LIVE

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    Im tired with my old Gamer tag in xbox live i want a new cool tag that sounds good and tough . can some help me with this .

    Some suggestion for Gamer tag for Xbox LIVE !

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    Re: Gagmer tag for Xbox LIVE

    Here are few Gamer tag from some resource :

    Boobs Magee
    Boobs & Co.

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    Re: Gamer tag for Xbox LIVE

    Inside Xbox Live: Gamertag
    Whatís in a Name?

    Your first and last names speak volumes about you; who you are, where youíre from, your gender and even your age. What they donít do is give a flavour of what youíre all about and what makes you tick. On Xbox Live, you create a name for yourself, itís called your Gamertag Ė and itís what people will come to know you as each and every time you play online.

    When it comes to choosing your Gamertag, think carefully as thereís no going back and changing it a week later. Follow our five top Gamertag tips and youíll do just fine...

    5. Do your research

    Be inspired. Search deep and look far, there are things staring at you right now that could make the perfect Gamertag.

    4. Get a second opinion

    Voice it in the Xbox Live Forums. If youíre looking for feedback, head straight to the heart of the community and see what others think.

    3. Keep it clean

    By clean, we mean simple. When youíre in the middle of a battle, the last thing you want is to flummox your team-mates with a name they need to decipher (youíll cost lives!).

    2. Show your colours

    Whether itís your nationality, football team or undying love for David Hasselhoff Ė donít shy away from wearing your heart on your sleeve.

    1. Be original

    Try something a bit different. If youíve got a quirky Ďtag youíll draw other gamers in - think of it as an ice-breaker.

    Whether your Gamertag makes other gamers shake in their boots or shake uncontrollably laughing, itís yours to create, own and p

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