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Thread: Dante Inferno (preview)

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    Dante Inferno (preview)

    The studio responsible for the heady Dead Space falls into the Hell with Dante's Inferno, a clone of God Of War. Publisher Electronic Arts has used its pre-E3 to give us a first outing in this divine universe both dark and romantic.

    God Of Inferno
    Blueprint screenplay of Dante's Inferno is inspired by the Divine Comedy, a work of literature dating from the fourteenth century. The story, written by Italian poet Alighieri Dante tells the condemned through the 9 Circles of Hell to find Beatrice it opens the doors of Paradise. The developers hope to tap this universe based on a careful artistic direction. And for good reason: the studio was surrounded by many writers from the world of cinema, including some who worked on the Hellboy universe shifted. If we are promised a lot of work on the narrative, it is clear that the background of Dante's Inferno already offers interesting prospects. Given the talent of the studio, we have no doubt that developers will bring a creative touch to this epic saga.

    Yet we can not say that the studio has shown on the original gameplay. So now say, Dante's Inferno equates to a clone of God Of War. The resemblance is striking, even disturbing. For the record, we must also know Electronic Arts went away of former members who have worked with Sony on God Of War II ... If we will not until EA accuse of plagiarism, impossible not to make the connection with the game developed by Sony Santa Monica.

    "The developers have clearly taken the best of God Of War. "

    A decision not really surprising inasmuch as God Of War has set a new standard of the genre. Dante's Inferno will therefore not be the last to use the vein in an attempt to imitate the epics of Kratos. There are logically all the ingredients that made the success of God Of War, beginning with a combat system well nervous.

    The combos are edited the same way and with a cutting movements almost identical. Except that the whip is replaced here by a kind of false and crucifixes. Idle on the edges of strokes, generation of orbs, camera shot ... the developers have clearly taken the best of God Of War. The player evolves in spans of Enfers taking care to cut all enemies violently on its way. A prior, Dante would have the possibility - in some cases - to choose between good and evil. " If he has a real influence on the evolution of the character is an element that may confer a touch of originality.

    Achievement later, Dante's Inferno has a leg artistic treatment. Design enemies rather successful, well-constructed ... at the level presented in the demo we saw already attractive without dazzling either. It is hoped also that the visual effects will be refined in coming months. If Dante's Inferno should not be a slap visual, it could distinguish itself by its surroundings stripped voluntarily in connection with the universe which it was based.

    Punctuated by numerous contextual, the end of the demo we then offered a moment of thrilling: a sequence where the player controls a monster in the riding. As often in the genre, the highlight of the event was orchestrated by a fight against a boss, Minos in this case. A massive and dramatic confrontation that ended with a "QTY" (contextual action) in which the player literally cutting a language.


    Already cataloged as clone "perfect" God Of War, Dante's Inferno will undoubtedly much attention before its release scheduled for next year. But with a world worked, a well balanced gameplay and environments advantageous, Dante's Inferno seems well equipped to ensure its success Game Promise, we talk soon. Note that a PSP version is also planned.

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    Re: Dante Inferno (preview)

    Accomplish the indicated achievement to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:

    • Slaughter at Acre (5 points): Fight against the prisoner at Acre.
    • Abandon All Hope (15 points): Break through the Gates of Hell.
    • Sentence the Judge (25 points): Defeat King Minos.
    • Lovers Torn Asunder (25 points): Defeat Marc Antony.
    • The Great Worm (25 points): Defeat Cerberus.
    • Like Father Like Son (25 points): Defeat Alighiero.
    • Gates of Dis (35 points): Enter the lower circles of The Inferno.
    • The Harrowing (35 points): Escape Heresy.
    • Brotherhood (40 points): Defeat Francesco.
    • Bitter Sweet (50 points): Save Beatrice.
    • Lucifer's Match (100 points): Defeat the Emperor of the Woeful Realm.
    • Precious (10 points): Find a Beatrice stone.
    • Power of the Cross (20 points): Find all 3 Beatrice stones.
    • Footsteps of a Traitor (10 points): Find 10 pieces of silver.
    • Betrayed with a Kiss (10 points): Find 20 pieces of silver.
    • Well Done, Judas (20 points): Find All 30 pieces of silver.
    • Relic Hunter (10 points): Find a relic.
    • Light Relics (20 points): Find all Holy relics.
    • Dark Relics (20 points): Find all Unholy relics.
    • Forbidden Love (20 points): Find and absolve both Francesca da Polenta and Paolo Malatesta.
    • Old Friend (20 points): Find and absolve Brunetto Latini.
    • The Damned (50 points): Punish or absolve all 27 shades of The Inferno.
    • The Guide (40 points): Collect all Virgil commentaries.
    • Soul Reaper (50 points): Collect 60,000 Souls.
    • Burning Eyes (10 points): Send Charon back into the abyss.
    • Warming Up (10 points): Perform a 50 hit combo.
    • Masterpiece (10 points): Perform a 200 hit combo.
    • Poetry in Motion (20 points): Perform a 666 hit combo.
    • Holy Warrior (10 points): Kill 30 Minions.
    • Demon Slayer (10 points): Kill 30 Demons.
    • Bad Nanny (10 points): Kill 20 Unbaptized Babies.
    • Indigestion (10 points): Kill 5 Gluttons.
    • Confessional (10 points): Kill 5 Heretics.
    • Countermeasures (10 points): Kill 20 enemies using a counter move.
    • Superstition (10 points): Kill 20 enemies using magic.
    • Give Me Strength (10 points): Open 20 Health fountains.
    • Sorcerer's Apprentice (10 points): Open 20 Mana fountains.
    • Light in the Dark (30 points): Reach Holy Level 7.
    • Death's Apprentice (30 points): Reach Unholy Level 7.
    • Holy Man (30 points): Max out the Holy path.
    • Man of Evil (30 points): Max out the Unholy path.
    • Gates of Hell (60 points): Defeat all enemy waves in the Gates of Hell Arena.

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