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Thread: Prevent the red ring of death in Xbox 360

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    Prevent the red ring of death in Xbox 360

    I just got myself a xbox 360 couple of month ago . I am really enjoying it i am playing fallout 3, call of duty and far cry 2 .

    My only concern is red ring of death I just want to know is there a way to prevent the red ring of death .

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    Re: Prevent the red ring of death in Xbox 360

    There are many way to Prevent the red ring of death in Xbox 360 . here is the

    Here are some of the thing's to prevent red ring of death from happening:

    Make sure your Xbox 360 is on it's side, is you put it vertically, it covers one of the 360's main vents at the bottom, this will result in a lot more heat, what I like to do is put it on two piles of video tapes so the side that's facing the floor is not covered by the floor.
    Make sure your Xbox 360 has enough free space, make sure your Xbox is not in a case beneath your DVD player or anything, the best place for it is on the floor with two piles of video tapes under it. And make sure it's out of direct sunlight. This will make the chance of overheating minimal.
    Make sure your game CD's are clean, dusty and dirty CDs can create friction between the Xbox 360 and the game causing disk read errors and maybe a problem with the disk tray laser. Make sure your game CD is free of dust and dirt.
    Switch off your Xbox 360 via dashboard, rather than using the button on your Xbox hold the Guide button on you controller until it gives you the option of switching it off, then switch it off, then make sure it's fully switched off. Switching it off via the button can make the hard drive put too much effort into switching off. Also never switch off the Xbox 360 using the mains, doing so will make your Xbox 360 flash the red rings of death, if this happens switch it off and switch it back on, it may be OK or you may have the red rings of death permanently

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    Re: Prevent the red ring of death in Xbox 360

    Here are some reasons why this happened:

    Xbox 360 Chords connection may be disconnected, try replugging in all of the cable.
    Overheated from playing too much . So avoid playing 32 hours , Turn off your xbox 4 to 5 hour a day .
    There will be a hardware failure, there is no way of getting it fixed .

    Prevent the Red Ring of Death:

    Playtime : Dont play your xbox 360 more then 6 to 8 hour per day . This will cause overheating the xbox and the Death

    Space : Keep your xbox in a good, clean, species place , so that it have enough room to breathe/aerrate.

    Cooling : if you xbox get to hot , then you can put small fan behind the 360 blowing air away from the 360 .


    HORIZONTAL: Keep your xbox in horizontal position (flat ) because There is no support for Disk in xbox so that it allowthe Disk to stay in place while the xbox is on .

    IF the disk fall from the disk tray when in vertical position, scratching the disk and maybe breaking your Xbox .

    Hope this help you .
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    Re: Prevent the red ring of death in Xbox 360

    There is nothing you can do to prevent it. The red ring of death is actually from the xbox 360 games stressing the components from the inside.

    You can Try this following for :
    • Never move the Xbox when the Disk is in the disk tray and playing .
    • You need a Good ventilation

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    Re: Prevent the red ring of death in Xbox 360

    Keep your receipt, and Microsoft extended the warranty on the system to 3 years which should get you through till they release a better system..

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