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Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 (PES 2010) New Screenshot and overview

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Old 12-05-2009
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Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 (PES 2010) New Screenshot and overview

Konami promises numerous improvements for Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, including graphical improvements. To prove his point, the publisher / developer has sent us a close-up Lionel Messi, where you can see the grain of the skin and the texture of the jersey. Light is also the focus of attention for a better management of the shadows, depending on the position of the headlamps, for example.

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Old 12-05-2009
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Overview on Pro Evolution Soccer 2010!

Konami just formalize the output for next fall, of Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 on PS3, Xbox 360, PC, PS2 and PSP (the Wii version, the gameplay specific, will be released as usual later.) According to the editor, the changes as expected by fans of the license this time will indeed rise, PES 2010 is announced as the simulation of football's most realistic to date.

In order to improve different aspects of the game, Konami began with skim forums PES fans to gather comments on the strengths and weaknesses of the series. Then he created different departments, each being responsible for further improvement in the appearance of the game that he was entrusted. The team eventually lead "to more complex, the more realistic and more fun NSPs.

Here is a list of key improvements to PES 2010:

A more intuitive playability

PES 2010 will first seek to obtain more sensations in matches between players for a new challenge. To begin with, a zone defense intuitive cover all areas and players must constantly seek new tactical schemes. PES 2010 aims to become a true simulation of football, claiming both the strategy and quick reactions, as in real football. In addition to the key elements relating to the game, goalies will be more versatile with the talents of the same nature as those found in the most efficient guards. What affects the referees has also been reworked, with elements of AI that will make more spontaneous fairer during their matches.

Improved graphics

PES 2010 has undergone a major overhaul visual always focused on the accurate representation of the famous players with animations still closer to the behavior of real football players but also their expressions to be replicated in real time with a game of shadows and improved lighting that will distinguish the different conditions! Details of the stages will also be greatly improved, lawns to architectural elements finely represented.

New moves and animations reworked

The animations now coming more naturally, both of dribbles that repeated strikes to the best abilities of the players. The individual talents are most often reproduced, including new techniques and feints gestures which will integrate their accurate representation in the actions of Thursday there are many elements completely revamped animations for dribbles, fluidity of movement and firing will be greatly improved resulting in significant effects on the pace of play by a player will make a pass at the stop or the movement of his race.

Atmosphere more lively and more credible in the stadiums

Reactions in the stands will be more diverse, with new songs and cheers. The subtle difference in a game at home or abroad will be reproduced and the audience spontaneously react to certain situations in the game to show his displeasure or joy related to actions on the ground. Similarly, comments will be reviewed to fully support the game in a more spontaneous and more concise.

A revamped Master League mode and enriched

The Master League mode has been completely renewed with the development of aspects of management: it will provide players the opportunity to manage a team over a period much longer. UEFA Champions League, will be integrated into the Master League mode.

A more efficient IA

The Tokyo team has worked to improve the AI of the game by implementing the Teamvision 2.0. Midfielders and defenders will now work together to cover the open space and ward off the enemy attacks, which means that coverage at various levels will be possible for the defenders. This will also serve to avoid unannounced goals to return to the fundamentals of PES in terms of simulation. Regarding the attack, players can now move multiple players at once and send them in different areas which will multiply the opportunities to score. For that, he had to open more PES 2010 control of the game to players. The strategy takes as important as the speed passes, the new system will provide a much greater freedom in the supervision by the player control his team. For example, for kicks, the player can now generate movements with his attackers who expect the ball into the penalty area.

Increased importance of individual reactions of footballers

In previous PES, the training teams that primarily determines the movement of footballers. PES 2010 introduces a new system where it is the characteristics of offensive and defensive players who are taken into account in the organization of the game Each IA has an own, related to its specialty, which is reflected in the movements of their teammates. For example, if the player in possession of the ball is known for the quality of its centers, there will be more attacks that will put in the repair area to receive his passes. Similarly, a player known for being a good dribbler will be guarded by the defenders, especially on his favorite side, and the attacking edge will be automatically supported by midfielders when they receive the ball.

More strategic possibilities

A new system settings will allow players to adjust their strategy before a game, so quick but decisive. All components - frequency of passes, moves, positions of lines of defense and attack, gauge of the game - can be adapted to the characteristics of your favorite team: Juventus of Turin, for example, especially dangerous in attack against then - that FC Barcelona will attack the entire width of the field. These may also be modified at will, where appropriate, to take into account the fact of playing at home or abroad, and because the rigor needed when participating in a championship like the Master League.

A new system of penalty kicks

A whole new system was developed to provide greater control over the firing, placement and accuracy.

Online features more developed

Team from Tokyo, a new department was charged with improving the online game in PES 2010. It is also expected to increase the downloadable content. Konami has already made on many occasions updates to PES 2009 with the addition of new teams licensed, taking into account the transfers of players, etc.. This will be even more common for PES 2010. Updates and content teams are scheduled throughout the lifetime of the game and it will track more accurately the number of staff over the competition.

The exclusivity of the license "Uefa Cup"

Konami announced last have strengthened its relations with UEFA and have obtained the exclusive license of the Europa League, hitherto best known as the UEFA Cup. Konami will offer more competitive world through PES 2010 UEFA Champions League and the best football clubs.
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