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Thread: Beyond Good & Evil 2 : In India ?

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    Beyond Good & Evil 2 : In India ?

    This video will walk across the net and could well come from Beyond Good & Evil 2. Attention, nothing is certain when the fact that this sequence is well after BGE2, but we have chosen to show it.

    It depicts a young woman resembling Jade running in the street ( it looks like a Indian street with all the sound the people and the COW it pretty much looks like it )The visuals certainly match what little we've seen of the game so far. In any case, if it is a fake, it is hard well done!

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    Re: Beyond Good & Evil 2 : In India ?

    The video is great,, the graphic are really awesome. well it looks like Indian street the vehicle, the building ,,, just waiting for the official response.

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    Re: Beyond Good & Evil 2 : In India ?

    The reason it is suspect footage is from Beyond Good and Evil 2 .

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