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Thread: COD 4 iw3mp.exe Error

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    COD 4 iw3mp.exe Error

    I have a problem with cod4 multiplayer mode everything is fine until this error message Error iw3mp.exe. I already watch the audio mix is very active, I do not know what to do the single player mode works very well I recently installed a patch 1.7

    I'm on xp pro sp3

    thank you
    Blessings to you

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    Re: COD 4 iw3mp.exe Error

    You can try this

    • Start, control panel
    • Hardware and Sound
    • Sound
    • Recording Tab
    • Right Click in window, chose "Show Disabled Devices"
    • "Stereo MIX"appeared, Right Click and choose enable
    • OK

    If all else fails try connecting something to the microphone jack on your sound card. A microphone is optimal but using a pair of headphones or even just a phone plug adapter will work. Do not plug anything that is powered into your microphone jack as it could cause damage to your system.

    Hope this helps Some.

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    Re: COD 4 iw3mp.exe Error

    There are some issues running CoD 4 Multiplayer on some onboard sound cards. Users with RealTek onboard sound cards and Windows Vista will need to use Microsoft Audio Drivers 6.0, which can be found at Microsoft Corporation and/or COD4 Windows Vista Audio Drivers Fix. If you are running the game from a secondary partition, download the latest BIOS updates from your motherboard manufacturer in addition to following the above instructions.

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