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Thread: Section 8 Game New Images

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    Section 8 Game New Images

    Section 8 is not the kind of song to display openly all day with a bunch of pictures. So when new catches arrive, they should not be missed. The shooter in the first person gives players control tactics on the battlefield (head units, call in support vehicles) in a dynamic way to alter the flow of combat.

    Located at the crossroads of an insurgency of some of its colonies, Earth sends its elite units including the 8th Armored Infantry to turn the tide. Using powerful armored suits, these brave volunteers are the only ones crazy enough to destroy the enemy's defenses and jump on the battlefield by jumping from a height of 4500 meters. Their nickname: Section 8.

    Section 8 is still expected in the year without further precision.

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    Re: Section 8 Game New Images

    we feel clearly that this game is inspired on halo.
    Therefore I hate to find out more.

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    Re: Section 8 Game New Images

    What makes you think that it is inspired by halo? What does it say?
    According to Destructoid and joystiq, the respawn system is nice, as a drop at high altitude.

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