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Thread: Fallout 3 Freezes with GTX285

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    Fallout 3 Freezes with GTX285


    I have changed my Radeon 4870 to a GTX285 and since then it Freezes in Fallout 3. when the freeze occurs, the normal ingame music stops and I can't also send Alt-Tab switch to Windows, just stop the graph in frozen state. All ATI remains were manually using Driver Cleaner and clean away, Fallout 3 has been combined with the latest patch installed. As a driver I'm using the current from the nVidia page for Vista x64. Fallout 3 is the only game for the problems, everything else is running perfectly. Any tips?


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    Re: Fallout 3 Freezes with GTX285

    Bethesda is notorious for having bugs with their games, so if it crashes, don't worry, about look at the system.

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    Re: Fallout 3 Freezes with GTX285


    Download Fallout 3 1.1 patch (v1.1.0.35) / Fallout 3 changelog
    Solution :
    1. Click Start
    2. Click “All Programs” (or just Programs, depending on the version of Windows, whether they’re using “classic,” etc.)
    3. Go to the ffdshow folder.
    4. Click “Audio decoder configuration.”
    5. In the left hand pane, click “Info & debug.” This is the second entry in the list.
    6. In the right hand pane, near the bottom, find a check box labelled “Don’t use ffdshow in:”
    7. Check that box, and in the text box underneath (it lights up when you check the check box), add “fallout3.exe” (don’t include the quotes). If there is already something in that box, put a semi-colon ( ; ) after what’s already there, and fallout3.exe after that. Do NOT use spaces, since ffdshow will think that’s part of the filename. A valid entry would be “explorer.exe;fallout3.exe” (without quotes).
    8. Finally, click “Ok” and start Fallout 3.

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