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Thread: Nintendo is developing special cartridges for DSI

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    Nintendo is developing special cartridges for DSI

    Games that only the DSI Nintendo game, will be delivered on a separate cartridge. There is also an enhanced version of, with games on a regular DS can be played, the creator of the handheld.

    Masato Kuwahara, head of the team to the Nintendo DSI has designed, held a speech at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. It revealed that he is the DSI for a new type of cartridge is made for games that use the extra features that the DSI offers compared to the DS and DS Lite. Compared with its predecessors, the DSI dual processor speed, a more secure WiFi connection, two built in cameras, flash memory and an SD card slot.

    The new cartridge is available in two variants. There is a cartridge in the DSI can be used for games and software that depend on the additional capabilities of the handheld, and there are DSI Enhanced-cartridges, which are also suitable for the DS. Enhanced DSI These cartridges are designed for software and games for some extra functionality to use the features of the DSI. In addition, the current cartridges exist for software that only uses the capabilities of the DS and not the extras from the DSI.

    It is unclear whether the two new cartridges will also physically different from the DS cartridges, or that the software determines whether the program is suitable for the DS, the DSI, or both versions. Inquiries show Nintendo Netherlands did not know of a technical difference between a DS, DSI and DSI Enhanced Cartridge. Also Gameloft France, the branch of publisher Ubisoft games for the handhelds on the market, nothing to say of a physical difference between the variants. Gameloft has previously announced games in preparation to have specially for the DSI and are not working on a DS.

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    Re: Nintendo is developing special cartridges for DSI

    Nintendo wants in this way suggesting that the DSI actually a different device than the DS / Lite buyers for them. I am glad that there are long normal DS cartridge in the DSI can, because that means there are still games for my DS-Lite made. As thus the life of my handheld enlarge

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    Re: Nintendo is developing special cartridges for DSI

    But I do not think that many developers here use it, at least not so much that they only be playable on the DSI. As the DSI is currently not in the majority (DSI 2 million of the 100 million DS's in total). Of course there will be some DSI only games out, but I do not think much. I think it is more an intermediate solution between the DS and a possible DS2 ...

    Very possibly that is the Enhanced cartridges a type of scheme, such as the PC. The textures are worse on the DS, and therefore more responsive to the DSI, but I would not expect too much!

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    Re: Nintendo is developing special cartridges for DSI

    That would be really nice and handy. There are so many people with a normal ds or ds lite. A new format there is not klantvriendelijk seems. Then you just for the new features and new games will also buy a new handheld.

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    Re: Nintendo is developing special cartridges for DSI

    Is this different than ever?

    when the game boy color came out, there were also "color exclusive" titles that are not on the old model were playable, and there were also titles which are compatible, but additional features offered on the GBC.

    After this came the Game Boy Advance, it was compatible with the earlier material, but because the device was greatly improved, they have a new cartridge form given to the difference visible.

    The Nintendo DS came out, and new possibilities came new cartridges, so it's nothing new that this happens. The device is just improved and it gets the new games that exploit these opportunities.

    Basically the same story as the big brothers, Wii games can not play a Gamecube, but vice versa. Simply because the wii more powerful and new functions held by the gc does not have.

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    Re: Nintendo is developing special cartridges for DSI

    If everything would be forward compatible:

    -Can you never use full processor power (DS-i = 2 * DS (Lite))
    -Can you never use full graphics computing
    -Can Nintendo / Sony / Micro $ oft does not make a profit, so not many new & good consoles and / or games
    -Is your new processors limit: eg. arm to x86 does not (unless you used an emulator and that his additional chips on the motherboard or bad software (see ps3)).
    -Can you cartridge / disc capacity is not increased, unless you updates ban.

    Then everyone in the past and are not sure that would be accessible!
    This is for all consoles, handheld consoles and the TV. If you think there would be only casettes and no BluRay or even no DVDs. They should focus on the future and quality. Not on past and comp atiba quality!

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