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Thread: FPS Games for Linuxer, not to indulge

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    FPS Games for Linuxer, not to indulge

    At Linux in large-scale FPS (First Person Shooter Games) is not uncommon, but are open after the monster, Oh, and walking around, I play on vertigo, dizziness PLAYING on one, or people watching a little bit modulus people kind of feel it, fighting it still felt fun, really have the mood, interesting (how to feel like a sadistic madman). CS in Windows is more common in the shooting game, then Linux should not be able to play, certainly.

    AssaultCube on Urban Terror, and let us be able to enjoy a real-time Rush, and Savage 2 can experience the fun of real-time strategy but also to a first-person shooter, and finally offer a large flash Games Commando2.

    AssaultCube, formerly ActionCube, are a free first-person shooter game, based on the Cube.

    CS know the person can open the open play, multiplayer modes can also be single-person mode and select add to the level of the amount of robot, since not introduce excessive

    Official website:

    Deb package provided GetDeb download site:

    urbanterror, a fast-paced action, powerful firearms selection, easy-to-understand interface, UT will soon occupy the top of my list of Games. For those who enjoy multiplayer games, this is a perfect game, those real-time strategy gamers, and likes to play computer-controlled robot players may not like it. I enjoy it, I can play when I play. A new player's advice: This game is extremely addictive! ! I wish you all fun to play UT! !

    The Games more than suitable for inter-networking play, many of firearms, many maps, interface is also very good. More about the game's introduction also download the first 18-ching reading, which referred to the address found in Deb package download

    Official website:

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    Re: FPS Games for Linuxer, not to indulge

    Next is the introduction of the Savage 2

    Savage 2: A Tortured Soul ( "Savage 2: A tortured soul") game developed by S2 Games, the Games as a "wild man:campaign" for the continued, combined real-time strategy and first-person shooter two Game type species. Savage 2 recently launched a Linux platform client, with other platform players to participate in the game.

    Finally at large offer a flash game called Metal Slug Complete

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