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Thread: Your ping is too high (Counter Strike Source)

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    Your ping is too high (Counter Strike Source)

    In Css, when I try to connect to a server after some time of playing I get automatically disconnected by the server with a message: Your ping is too high.
    What does it mean and how to fix it.

    Ps: I have css for 2 days.
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    Re: Your ping is too high (Counter Strike Source)

    Probably your internet connection is not too good. Refer to some suggestions given here How to reduce Counter Strike Latency or Ping

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    Re: Your ping is too high (Counter Strike Source)

    Does this happen on all servers that you play on or only one or two servers? Do you have high pings? =))

    Usually this means that the server owner has a setting that kicks players whose pings are above X, X being the highest ping they are willing tolerate. This is done because players with high pings are perceived to cause issues for players with low pings. So, servers tend to kick them.

    The only way to lower your ping is to upgrade you internet connection. Im assuming you have dial up if most servers are kicking you because of ping. If you have a cable connection and your ping is still bad make sure you dont have any programs running like kazaa or limewire. These programs use alot of your internet connectivity and will cause your ping to be high. If you dont run those try closing out of all programs and disabling all but your antivirus at startup.

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    Re: Your ping is too high (Counter Strike Source)

    Close all unnececsary programs and anything that accesses the internet (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Download utilities, etc...)

    Yes try to find servers that are located closer to you, not ones from China obviously

    The Latency does very every often, even many times per second, so it may act up then go back down, some servers recommend you use a certain rate.

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    Re: Your ping is too high (Counter Strike Source)

    Are you downloading anything? That can really get your ping up. Or maybe you have some programs running in the background that use your internet connection?

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