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Thread: Direct3D error in Xmen 3

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    Direct3D error in Xmen 3

    Hi, I tried to install the game Xmen III, but when trying to run I removed the error "unable to initialize Direct3D, make sure hardware acceleration is set to full." I already dxdiag to see if this actually enabled and if this I did the test and I test out ok. What could be happening? and what I can do to solve it?

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    Re: Direct3D error in Xmen 3

    Right-click on the desktop, choose Properties.

    Choose Settings then choose Advanced.

    Go to the Troubleshooting tab and make sure the Hardware Acceleration is set all the way to the right.

    If that doesn't work, grab the latest version of Direct X from here:

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    Re: Direct3D error in Xmen 3

    Probably not all options are enabled acceleration in the graphics card. You must enter the display settings in Control Panel or by right click on properties on the desktop (depending on the operating system). in the display settings in advanced options and always depending on the graphics card you have, you will see a tab Direct3D where you play with different options to enable the maximum possible acceleration hardware without slowing the computer and too smoothly for the game .

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    Re: Direct3D error in Xmen 3

    Try the following
    By clicking on the desktop in the Properties option in the Configuration tab, the Advanced Options button. A window with several tabs and one of them says "Troubleshooter", a kind of bar that says "Hardware acceleration: No |------|-----|----|- -----| Complete.
    Duty would go up to complete, and problem solved. Apparently when installing the driver, the default is None.
    If you do not see these options, you should download the appropriate drivers for your graphics card because they may be loaded by default in XP.
    Go here
    Surely one of them is the driver of your graphic. To make sure before you must download everest
    and install it. This program allows you to make a full report of your computer to know what your components and be able to download the appropriate drivers.
    Once installed you should run and go and report that puts an icon. You will leave a general assistant for a report. You must select pages related to hardware. Select the text format to enable simple copy and paste it right here if you have doubts.
    After a few seconds, you will have a complete inventory of hardware to find out which driver you need to download graphics.
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