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Thread: Game lag each time i move mouse

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    Game lag each time i move mouse

    First of all I will explain quickly make my problem I play has World Warcraft off.
    But since I have to change motherboard and at the same time of hard drive the play lags (the image stop then is begun again as soon as I do not move any more the mouse) what prevents me from benefiting from my play and which puts to me in bad temper. I have to however install well INF driver and onBoard VGA driver which was on Cd of installation of my motherboard (Conroe1333-D667).
    From where the problem could come please?

    Thank you to answer

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    Dr. V Guest

    Re: Game lag each time i move mouse

    Your config details, and you have a graphics card or a chipset videos? Mark and reference of your food ? and all the driver in your graphic card are well installed ?

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    Re: Game lag each time i move mouse

    Graphics card it is included in my motherboard : Graphic Internal support DirectX9.0 .

    For the pilots I have to install onBoard VGA driver and INF driver which was on my Cd of the motherboard. If the pilots are not good a place or to download them?
    Thank you

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