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Thread: Screen jumps and flickers during game play

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    Screen jumps and flickers during game play

    I have always managed to run Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory on my computer fine, with no flickers. And Enemy Territory still works fine; no flickers.

    However, I recently installed PlaneShift, but this flickers like mad when running. It is completely unusable, because it hurts my eyes, and I can only see half of the screen at a time. It flickers fairly fast, about 4-6 times per second.

    Does anyone know how to fix this?

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    Re: Screen jumps and flickers during game play

    Make sure your videocard supports your TV's type eg, PAL SECAM NTSC....

    If thats done, make sure thats set via options of your video card.

    3rdly if your still getting it. Make sure your connection cable is not being interfered with by other means... (EG no power cables near the Cable from the computer to the TV)

    And last. Make sure the game is waiting for its Vertical Sync.. eg VSync is on.

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    Re: Screen jumps and flickers during game play

    Do you know what vertical roll is? If that is what it is doing, you can adjust for that at the vertical hold controls. (Which may not be easy to find; or you may have to have service tech do the adjustments by accessing the service codes in the set).

    In any event; if it is the vertical hold or synchronization adjustment, that is a minor thing.

    However, you mentioned it did not do it until you hooked up the digital cable. It is possible you have a weak signal caused by a shorted cable line somewhere inside the house wiring. A weak signal will be hard for the set to synch on and may cause the flickering.

    If the flickering is not vertical roll, but some kind of ailment in the vertical amplifier board, then it will have to be replaced.'

    I don't think the repair costs is much for this kind of problem. It is a big set and hard to take in to the shop, but you will need to have a hands-on diagnosis made by someone who can test what is going on.

    PS: Try resetting it first, maybe that will solve the problem - I give it a 10% chance.

    Just unplug the power cord for 4 hours. That will reset all the internal software codes in the set. If something was corrupted, it could be the cause of the flicker.

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    Re: Screen jumps and flickers during game play

    There are two main causes of the problem you are describing:

    -- Scaling noise
    This is caused by the television refreshing the picture at a specific frequency that causes faint lines to appear. These very faint lines are usually only noticeable on solid color areas or white spaces. The issue usually only happens on big screen, HDTV, or LCD televisions. To correct it, try adjusting the picture settings (brightess, contrast, color level, etc). If you can't get the faint lines to go away and it distracts you, try playing on a different television.

    -- TV image processing
    Newer LCD and HDTV televisions have an image processing chip in them, which converts the video signal from the Wii into a picture on your television screen. Some TV's aren't able to support every resolution that the Wii outputs. For example, when you play a virtual console game on the Wii, the game will display in its native, original resolution. If you experience issues with the screen only at certain times (like when you are using a virtual console game), then you may try an alternate hookup (Stereo AV Cable or Component Cable), try hooking up to a different device (VCR, DVD-R), or hooking up to a different television. Also note that the problem can be caused by hooking up to a Cable box, Satellite box, Stereo receiver, or other Audio/Video equipment other than your television.

    If you experience dark, solid lines, or colored spots on on the screen, this indicates that the Wii may need to be repaired.

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