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Thread: Problem with Armagetron Advanced

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    Problem with Armagetron Advanced


    I have a problem with Armagetron Advanced. On this computer the game sticks approximately each 5 minutes. On another old pc. I do not have this, but because here simply I want play a better video card in it on this computer.

    But that is not possible .someone told that to go for Dynamic Overclocking vogue from must transfer. can someone tell me what is the problem? an what to so .
    thank you.

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    Re: Problem with Armagetron Advanced

    i think bad video card also can stop game in a top system, the video card is not normative or you yes or no can play a game.How does it sit with the memory and CPU? Does there further still something twist on the context

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    Re: Problem with Armagetron Advanced

    in fact try for simply better FPS to have, and the game on higher can play. may be it is infected by virus therefore that jerking happens approximately each 5 minutes. try to eliminated on the context such as virus scanners, firewalls, all kinds of other things.

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    Re: Problem with Armagetron Advanced

    update windows sevice pack and directx to its latest version .also check for your memory and disk space as that could be problem if set no unfair levels.

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