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Thread: Need for speed pro street lag

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    Need for speed pro street lag

    This is my problem, I start the game then after completing the second race, when 3rd race starts it hangs (the race is slow). I test all hardware with my other pc hardware except my power in this case. I doubt that my power supply causing lag.

    what can be wrong ? please help me!!!

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    Re: Need for speed pro street lag

    Can you detail the configuration of your PC CPU, RAM, graphics card. I doubt it's your power supply causing lag. If power supply output was not high enough, some components wouldn't work at all or PC would not start.

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    Re: Need for speed pro street lag

    My pc configuration

    • acer aspire 7720G
    • 1.83 Ghz 1.83 Ghz
    • 4 Go de RAM 4 GB of RAM
    • graphics card GeForce 9500 (512 Mb)
    • 82 GB of free hard disk space
    • CPU Intel core 2 duo
    • Power: 380W real

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    Re: Need for speed pro street lag

    These can cause lag: Processor not fast enough, Not enough RAM, Graphics card not powerful enough (eg not enough memory on it), System getting too hot (poor cooling).

    In any case it is certain that the configuration is limited, I do not know how you adjust the graphics options and it can also come from overheating or video driver is not up to date

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    Re: Need for speed pro street lag

    I set the screen resolution is lower but still if someone could give me would be nice. otherwise I play when I close all programs acer.

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